2010: ten-trivia about bons


1. when i was 8, i fell from a cradle at a friend’s house, and my left arm was almost broken, fortunately it was just a simple sprain and the only remedy was to bring me to my lola who happened to be a “manghihilot”.  It was really a very painful experience and i could still even remember how loud i cried then.  That was the first time i realized, am not really a superman.

2. i used to buy baby ducks (itik) in schools way back elementary days; making them as pets, one morning i found 3 of them headless ambushed and eaten by rats! awwts! i wondered why they only took their head, then it turned out that the suspects (hehe) were on a hurry performing the gruesome acts, they just took what they could easily get and cut off. i first experienced the feeling of loosing something.   this is so important to me, realizing that no matter how careful we are, things will not always work on the way we wanted them to be. and right then,  i became more prepared..i learned from it, i grew.

3. funny that am afraid of solar/lunar eclipse. i remember when i was in grade 2, i  almost run, was on a hurry going home before noon because at school, all were busy watching the reflection of a solar eclipse in a pale of water. I thought darkness would spoil the day and i need to go home as fast as i could. whew! nature has its own way of scaring me!

4. i have a total of 97 birthmarks all over my body. gees!  

5. i literally thought that computer systems were really that smart, that it could answer anything you wanted to know. ’til on July 1994 we’ve finally met face to face. Frustrating lol! From then on, i dreamed of writing computer programs, games, and to standout alongside with the machines.. in 1998 after series of bugdowns, i successfully completed my first ever program codes and sold it for 15k, yeah! i bought my first “sms-enabled” motorola phone. i learned that as an individual we should never stop learning, be open for changes, be ready for something new and not be afraid to experience failures.

6. every summer,  I get excited. our family used to go to Pangasinan beaches after visiting Manaoag Church. It was a fully-packed family and relatives outing, not to mention the sunburns (haha) i really didn’t care though, life was so simple during those days. we didn’t have the luxuries of foods and things but we’re all happy then, I was happy, mom, kuya, my ates were all happy…those memories I had will always be treasured.  

7. i was already 19 years old when i first reached baguio city. the first farthest place I’ve ever traveled. now I’m 4,900 miles away from home. sometimes i feel so sad about it, the feeling of homesickness brings me down. but that’s normal. i am brave, am confident and am happy. technology bridges the gap. nothing is inevitable in today’s world.

8. in 1999, i wrote Penny J. Corbett, an aviculturist in Pittsburgh; asking some information about my research on philippine blue-naped parrots. she replied and it was really surprising. it made me think that whoever we are, whatever we are up to, we should give time to others. we never know that maybe… just maybe, we could be an inspiration to others.

9. enrolled in a catholic high school managed by franciscan sisters, i learned every single detail of prayers and songs in MPH novena; we used to read them in a booklet for 4 years every wednesday of the week. i learned to be firm on my belief and faith. when all fails, prayers do really count!

10. i fell in love so many times with different women, with different looks, attitudes and styles. but i always turn back to what i really want. – simpleness, having the ability to make me smile, to make me feel comfortable, and having the quality (unconditional) care and love we need.


Now you can judge me!  Haha.. You may find some of these funny, yes they may be, but these funny things completed me, made me a REAL Bon.  And I’m so happy to share these kinda “confidential” trivia (haha) for you to really know me, every single detail of me, even up to the number of birthmarks I have (this is funny, and I know now you’re wondering who did the counting – that remains a secret unless someone pays me a hundred bucks, haha). Kidding aside, this is me, a simple BON, a happy BON.  I always try to make my life simple as it is, masarap mabuhay ng super light, and I tell you, it’s very easy.  As what I’ve written in my previous post, we should make life easy, we can always be happy if we want to be.

And as a start of 2010, I made this post to start my year happy, and to share with you a big smile, because I believe that happiness is contagious.  Let’s all welcome the start of 2010 with a big smile, a big smile in our heart.





79 Responses to 2010: ten-trivia about bons

    Sayang- saya ng bagong taon ni BON. it’s really nice to start a day, or even a year with a Smile. Masarap nga ang buhay pag super light. Yeah right, funny ang ibang trivia, but those bits of funny things complete the whole picture. Little parts are essential to support our foundation to make us a better person. Haha. Nice post tol. Be happy!

    Happy New Year!!!!

    bons: dapat talaga masaya. simula ito ng araw ng bagong taon! bagong simula at bagong pagasa! thanks sa pagbisita! “welcome ka here!” palagi haha parang tag line lang ng blog mo “tara byahe tayo! ikutin natin ang earth!” =) HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!

    • jason says:

      ako magbibigay ng trivia saken.

      disgrasyado akong bata
      – pumiglas ako sa pagkakahawak sakin ng daddy ko at pagtakbo ko, one inch na lang mahahagip na ko ng jeep. sigawan sila.
      – nagsaboy ako ng panglinis sa kuko yung matapang na amoy sa mata ko
      – maraming beses na kong nakaiwan ng mga pinamili sa tricycle o sa jeep
      – naipit daliri ko sa elevator at napa anak ang nanay ko sa nerbyos

      bons: HAHA hari ka ba ng sablay?! hihi! nakakatuwa naman pala pag nasasaktan ka kasi puro kapalpakan! toinks

  2. jason says:

    secand base. bilis ni batangmangyan hahaha

    takot ka pala sa eclipse eh!! naalala ko bumibli pa ko pulvoron taos ung balat gagamitin kong film para tignan ang eclipse.

    ang pinakamalayo kong nalakbay, baguio din.

    naalala ko parrot mong pinost. eheh

    pretty nice move to start the year!!!

    bons: thanks jasonhamster, may tanong pala ako! ang HAM ba ay karne ng hamster?! hehe!

  3. Sniper-Gino says:

    Ok I will judge you in 10 ways… 1.Psysically- you accept your weaknesses as human being, di ka robot na nagkatawang tao kaya nasasaktan ka. 2.Animal Lover-Nuon pa naman mahilig kana sa mukhang hayop hehehe.You really love animal naman tlga, dami mo na nga naalagaan di ba? 3. Frustrated Astronomer- Remember our dream to work on NASA hehehe, kaya pala di natuloy un kasi takot ka sa eclipse. hehehe. 4.Identity-Madami ka pala tintago sa loob ng katawan mo, ilang babae na ba nakakita yan? sino kaya sa kanila nakabilang na yan anyone of you na pwedeng mag sabi just post a comment here, hehehe 5.Career-As IT professional eto na tayo pre this is the codes that we desire to program, this is our Fashion ang maging alagad ng information and technology becausewe believe that we can rule all the machine, remember the saying na computer lang yan hehehe.6.Family-That’s bon he treasure his family every moments and happiness of family bonding, kaya love ka ng nanay at mga kapatid mo. 7 Traveler- yan ang hilig mo kasi gusto mo explore everything specially Good places kaso nga lang may time na nakakalungkot kasi your now a thousand miles away to your home land at mahirap dun is hindi ka andyan para magtravel but to work, that the saddess thing kasi you need to sacrifice just to reach your dream kaya I salute you and all the TFC subscriber out there hehehe..8.Your TIME- even you are so busy I believe that you always have time to share your life to others, just like this BONISTATOn, Showing us that what ever we are today just keep on touching the lives of other in just simple way of giving time to share our lives, expertise and simple word of advice. 9.Faith-Yes we all know that all things are possible in GOD’s Name.. I remember the time that we both say “prayers do really count!” when we both not know what we are doing kasi sumuko tayo sa computer hehehe nung time na nagloko server natin dati at sinabi natin na lets pray na lang, honestly its true that prayers really count that time. Thanks GOD naayos din. hehehe! 10. A Lover-I know that we are looking for someone that will really make as happy the person that we share our life forever and make as smile every morning we wake up. Hope you see her ASAP dahil time is running out hehehe matanda na tayo…Everyone remember this 10 things about BON im sure makikilala nyo cya. Happy New year to all…

    bons: wow tol ang galing mo naman na analyze mo ang sampung bagay na nag nagrerepresent ng buhay bons hehe! ^^ systems analyst ka talaga kahit noon pa haha! dami dami mo ng alam tungkol sakin! nate – treathen nako nyan baka isang araw ma clone mo nako wiiiiiii! salamat uli sa lahat ng mga paliwanag! appreciated! parang isang entry ang sinabi mo!! HAPPY NEW YEAR cheers 2010!

  4. SniperGino says:

    hahaha,clone kta tol kapag sikat na sikat kana dahil sa blog na 2 hehehe..Thanks din tol kasi your words really count on this post..

    bons: hanapin mo nalang ung DNA Bank na pinagdepositohan ko. =)

  5. Helena says:

    Hmmm okay, i’ll pay you a hundred bucks. Pero pwede ako na lang magbibilang ng birthmarks? Lol. Happy new year bon, i was supposed to greet you via sms kaso kakareformat lng ng phone ko, I lost your roaming number. Stay happy :)

    bons: salamat po sa pagdalaw dito, bat dina active blog mo? sayang naman yung domain. salamat din po sa supposed text hihi.ako din tinext kita nung new year kaso di pala nasend kasi wala napala load yung roaming,pero tinext talaga kita,di lang talaga nasend.. haha pakita ko pa ung message eh nasa outbox. =) STAY HAPPY too!

    • Heleyna says:

      gamitin mo yung saudi number mo saka mo iforward sa kin yung message okay?! palusoooot!

      nag-expire na, and tinatamad na din si ako :) kaka-facebook lol.

  6. france says:

    hahahahahaha …. sana specified kung san-san ang mga birthmarks!!!! happy new year and im glad to be your friend …. dito lang me always ready to listen sa kung ano-ano man ang gusto mong sabihin naka-ngiti ka man o naka-simangot…. mang day duty naman kayo ni kuya edward! tuloy nga ba ang dubai trip? o sha sha … ingats always … mwah! peace on earth!

    P.S. gawan mo ako ng bagong cover for my next album …. hehehehe ….sige nah!

    bons: thank you sa palagiang pagbisita! ^^ proud ka sa talent ko ganun din ako sayo sana marunong din akong kumanta at may guts tulad mo para makakapag pamigay nadin ako ng album. ano next carrier single mo? hihi/! be happy!

  7. topexpress says:

    PAdaan lang po… :D

    Its nice to know these fascinating facts about you tol. We wouldnt be able to better understand and know a person not unless we knew the small details of his persona.

    Minsan nga sarili na natin may mga bagay na di pa tayo masyado aware o alam. And i love this line you wrote:

    “i learned that as an individual we should never stop learning, be open for changes, be ready for something new and not be afraid to experience failures.”

    Life is indeed a long journey of learning. We shouldnt stop learning and cultivating ourselves mostly our potentials, to be better than yesterday.

    Wishing u best of luck, life, and love this 2010 and the next years to come. KAmpai tol! saludo ako sau utol!


    bons: salamat sa pagdaan, kahit magpabalik balik kapa, welcome ka dito. isang mapagpalang bagong taon din sayo ‘tol. naway mas maging masaya ang taong ito at sisik ng mga bagong tagumpay! cheers!

  8. tsiremo says:

    Cool rare facts..I did laugh when I was reading your entry bons..and at the same time got amazed on some..specifically birthmarks lol ..have a fabulous 2010!

    bons: thanks archimedes! ^^ glad to know you laughed! hehe! happy new year and more dollars to come!

  9. Jorge says:

    Yey! ang ganda ng header, panalo!! Bigla akong nainggit, hmpf!

    Teka, tandang tanda ko pa ung motorola phone mo, un ang bunga ng paghihirap mo sa programming! bilib na bilib kami sa yo nun, astigin ka na talga simula palang! hehehe..

    Ang galing galing!

    bons: thanks parekoi! salamat at dinalaw ako ng isang jesuit ^^ hihi. mas bilib kami sayu nun kasi ikaw ang wonder kid ng tropa! regards to BRO!

  10. p0kw4ng says:

    “no matter how careful we are, things will not always work on the way we wanted them to be” korek to bonz!

    at talagang bang saktong 97?? as in walang namiss sa mga singit singit?? ahahaha baka naman 100?

    happy new year!

    bons: oo p0wks totoo yan, niwala ako na payag ka din dyan kasi base din sa mga napagdaanan mo sa airport nung bago ka makauwi sa pilipinas. minsan nangyayari padin yung mga hindi natin inaasahan, pero ang mainam dun mas napapalakas tayo ng bawat pangyayari, mas nagiging handa tayo sa mga susunod pang banat ng pagsubok! haha oo 97 lang talaga! fix na yun gusto mo bang magrecount?! haha. HAPPY NEW YEAR din pO!

  11. dhyoy says:

    umienglish! muntikan na ko magnosebleed buti na lang napigilan ko… 10 things about you lang ang sinabe mo pero halos maikwento nito ang buhay mo…

    at super agree ako sa sinabi mo, happiness is contagious! It’s like a kiss…you must share it to enjoy it! :D

    Happy new year!

    bons: haha umienglish ba! maiba naman kase! ^^ salamat po sa pagdalaw! ikaw mag ten things ka din kaya?! hehe! happy new year too!

  12. joycee says:

    Happy new year Kuya Bons! Nice to know these facts about you! Scary naman yung kinain na itik waaaah!

    At imperness kaka nosebleed ang post mo! :)

    bons: happy new year din po! uu nakakawa ung mga hitsura nung itik nung nakita ko.. salamat po sa pagbisita!

  13. Emir says:

    If there’s one thing constant in this world, that would be CHANGE, the moment we stop changing would be the moment we declare ourselves losers”…

    Jon-jon may have told 10 trivias out of his self, but beyond these are thousands more which only few could ever realized and absorbed, for he is a person who doesn’t want most of the people to get into his system due to the fact that “downloads” could bring virus to make every worth doc to be corrupted – and that’s what im proud of you tol… strong enough to deflect inappropriate sources =)

    Ok, let us lighten up hehe,, ill just have one nice story of jon-jon (bon) everytime he got drunk… my isang kanta na khit sampung beses nyang kantahin feeling nya unang beses parin, hahaha.. tnungin nyo nalang cia ano ung kantang un =)

    happy new year ‘tol, u know that u are officially one of Dayang family (sbi nga ng ate ko ampon ka) haha… and im happy to be part of ur family as well (khit laging umiiyak c imman pag nkkta ako hehe)… and this year i do hope makita mo n c mrs.bon francisco talampas jr,, kc ako malapit na hehe…unahan nalang =)

    Godbless tol, and remain good even others are not.

    bons: “life can either be accepted or changed. if it is not accepted, it must be changed. if it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted.” salamat ‘tol sa mahabang comment ^^ at laglagan sa inuman malay ko ba kase na nakanta ko na pala yun! (sampung beses kong nakalimutan!?) cheesY~! haha
    anyway, totoo na hindi nmn lahat kasi winewelcome ko, pro hindi ako suplado, siguru may reservations lang pagdating sa iba’t ibang klase ng tao.. at kase parte yun ng personal firewall ko haha. officially, tama ‘tol at namiss kona sila, dika ba kinakabahan? unti unti ng nalilipat sakin ang mga lupain! at sa kung mauuna ka naman, woO! ninong ako sa binyag hehe! God Bless din at Happy New Year!

  14. meliza catedral says:

    “life isnt about finding urself, lyf is about creating urself!” grabe bonz dumudugo talaga utak ko sa pagbbasa ng blog mo.. lahat english..hehehe
    kakatuwa ng entry mo bons! well massabi ko one of a kind ka kung baga endangered species ka..pinakilala mo kung cno c bons talaga… paano kaya ngkasya yung birthmark mo sa katawan mo, 97 pa lahat!in fairmess binilang mo pa! ikaw pa lng nakilala kong my maraming birthmark…hehehhe!pabilang nga ng birthmarks mo! bka ngkamali ka..toinkz!
    keep it up for being a hapi person bonski!
    hapi new yr ulit!

    bons: happy new year too! salamat po! katuwa naman tong comment mo hehe. endangered specie pala ha. wala kayang nakalaang budget ang gobyerno natin para sa akin? hihi pag meron uuwi nalang ako sa pilipinas. ^^ 97 birthmarks kasyang kasya!! gusto mo din magtawag ng comelec for recount? haha! basta, stay happy mel!

    • meliza catedral says:

      ay naku my budget yan para sa iyo ang gobyerno at saka tanungin ko muna comelec kung pwede mgparecount!toinks..
      pahabol pala ganda ng kuha sa header ng blog mo1 kinarrer mo talaga ang pagpapic sa mrt ha! sa bonistation mrt ka ba ngpakuha! infairness ang galing potographer mo..mgaling ang iyong naisip mo sa header ng blog at saka pareho sa pangalan ng blog mo!hehehh

      bons: haha may budget talaga.^^ yung comelec agapan mo na at busy sila hehe. salamat sa pag pansin sa header hekhek! magaling ang photographer at magaling din ako awwwts! next time sa fort bonifacio naman hehe papalaki ng papalaki ang coverage! salamat uli!

  15. kaspangarigan says:

    Malapit ang Manaoag sa Binalonan na bayan kong sinilangan.

    2 years akong nag-aral sa Baguio Colleges Foundation (BCF) at inilipat ako ng Daddy ko sa PCC now PUP dahil sumali ako sa Fraternity. RKP (Gamma Kappa Rho).

    Puro kasi kami napapa-away sa Burnham Park at ilang beses napiyansahan.

    Iskor ka naman sa lugar ko.

    bons: wow taga pangasinan ka po pala. sige po dalaw ako dyan sa blog mo! HAPPY NEW YEAR! salamat sa pagbisita dito!

  16. Ax says:

    that is all so new to me.

    dati, pag napipilayan ako.. okay lang. pero habang tumatanda, ayoko na. dahil masakit pala sobra. ayoko ngang mabalian ng buto lalo na yung maputukan ng granada. waah. pero, buti at sprain lang ang nakuha mo kuya Bons! naaalala ko rin yung mga chicks na nakukuha sa bunutan, di kase ako magaling diyan. minsan lang. tapos, may pusa naman kami. hehe. pero pag may mga ganyan, yung daddy ko na yung nag-aasikaso. di ko naman alam dati paano alagaan yung mga yun kaya siya na lang. hehe. yung lunar eclipse, tuwang tuwa ako dun. kahit masiraan ng mata, gusto ko nakikita ko talaga yung process. at hindi sa mirror, tubig, film lang. hehe. pero nakakatuwa pa rin. yung kuya ko naaalala ko may sakit nung nag eclipse. parang may connection sa kanya. wahaha. 97 birthmarks?! ako, may isang malaking birthmark. haha. sobrang laki niya as in. every summer din, natutuwa ako dahil umuuwi kami sa probinsya tapos lahat kami magpipinsan nandoon. nakakatuwa talaga. bonding moments. nami miss ko na nga. sana bata na lang kami poreber. at yung number 10, panalo. hehe.

    this year will going to rock everyone’s world.

    bons: thanks ax! masakit talaga ang mapilayan kasi ung hilot masakit din parang pag maga sya tapos tsaka hihilutin aww may kasama pang langis ng nyog! mainam din daw kasi sa bata yung bigyan mo sya ng pet kasi nagkakaroon gn sense of responsibility hihi. habang tuwang tuwa ka sa eclipse ako naman takot na takot haha! nakakamiss din talaga ang summer, kasama ang mga pinsan pag babakasyon, tapos wan to sawa ang tulog kahit tanghali kana gumising tapos meryenda to the max pag hapon na, laro fami com, nood tv, gala, nagpapainit sa kalsada etc. hays kakamis! anyways, those were the days at kahit ano pa gawin natin hindi na talaga maibabalik kaya nga dapat talaga ineenjoy ang bawat sandali kahit pa ngayung malaki na tayo. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    • Ax says:

      tama. dapat talaga ineenjoy natin ang bawat sandali ng bawat segundo ng bawat minuto ng buhay natin. kase hindi na natin maibabalik talaga ang mga nasayang na pagkakakataon at oras.

      happy new decade!

      bons: yep! make the most out of it! gawin ang gustong gawin, sabihin ang mga dapat sabihin hanggat may panahon. =)

  17. hehehe nakakatuwa ang mga ganitong posts. gusto ko ang mga ganitong posts bon. reading this post made me also remember some bits about myself.

    noong maliit pa ako, may kinagat akong kapitbahay. then naospital ako dahil sa indigestion, kumain kasi ako ng saging.

    takot ako sa gansa noong maliit pa ako.

    birthmarks? meron ako. di ko nga lang binilang…

    at siyempre memorize ko rin ang mother of perpetual help novena. hehehe. holy crossian kasi…

    bons: salamat father! uso nga yata pag bata yung mangagat, meron siguru tayong animal instinct na kung hindi babawalin ng mga magulang at hindi sasabihing masama yun patuloy lang nating gagawin hanggang sa lumaki at malamang lahat tayo ngayon isang defense ay ang pagkagat! haha. Holy Crossian nga tayu pads! hahays kasama pa dyan ang every first friday mass, palagi yun walang palya! ^^ HAPPY NEW YEAR PO! salamat sa comment!!

  18. darbs says:

    Walang makitang butas upang husgahan pagkatapos basahin ang sanaysay ng iyong nakaraan.

    Totoo ung sinabi ni Padz Fiel na nakakatuwang basahin ang ganitong post dahil para bang nabubuhay ung nakaraan.

    Ang naalala ko naman noong maliit pa ako pinapatayo ako kung may bisita at bibigkasin ko ang Maghimaya ka Hari (visayan prayer na akala ko tula), ang english version ng Maghimaya ka Hari ay Hail Holy Queen.

    Salamat at napadaan ka doon sa haws. In ader words, tengs sa pagbisita.

    Happy New Year Bon!

    bons: talagang walang butas ha. hehe! ok salamat din po sa pagbisita dito.. yun pala yunng visayan version, aliw na aliw ka kala mo tula nung pala prayer haha. nakabisa ko din yan at gang ngayun nasa utak ko padin hays ang dami pang ibang dasal.. pero syempre malaking bagay yan sa buhay natin..
    Happy New Year din Darbs!

  19. eli says:

    mahilig ka pala sa itik..hehe

    happy new year!!!

    bons: haha syempre probinsyano weh! lol!

    • livingstain says:

      anong tawag sa pinaghalong itik at bibi? bitik… mas malaki ng konti sa itik tapos dalawa kulay, mas malaki itlog. bili na…. toinkz

      bons: sa probinsya lang yata natin meron nyan. kasi ba naman na rape ng bibe ung itik ayun.. cross breed

    • eli says:

      ‘di mo talaga makalimutan ‘yong itik mo bon ah. hehe

      dami mo pala birth mark. sinong pinagbilang mo ha?

  20. “i have a total of 97 birthmarks all over my body”. Nabilang mo yun? Tiniyaga mo? haha…astig.

    bons: haha ayokong sumagot, abugado ka kaya! sa sagot ko marami kang malalaman! wahaha! welcome po sa bonistation! ganda po ng blog mo! libreng serbisyo! sana nagpasabi ka na dadalaw ka dito para nakapag latag po ng red carpet. hihi. salamt po isang malaking karangalan na napadaan ka dito. ^^

  21. teka, pahabol, ganda ng new header…

    bons: salamat po fr. =) original shot sa boni ave. hehe

  22. karoger says:

    napadaan. :)

    huwow! ang hahaba ng mga comment! haha.
    well, astig. it’s nice na you can share some ‘confidential things’ sa amin. para mas makilala ka namin and for us catch a small glimpse of you. haha. yung iba, malamang, nagkaroon na ng glimpse sa buhay mo, pero ako,wala pa akong alam. haha. im looking forward to catch more glimpses of your life and to know confidential things as well! haha.

    happy new year!

    bons: hahaha gumaganun pa! nakaktens! hihi. welcome po! maraming salamat sa pagbisita! balik lang po pag may time, marami pang dapat abangan lols! ^^ happy new year too!

  23. livingstain says:

    97 ba birthmarks? hhhhmmmmnnn… bakit 88 lang ang bilang ko, nasan yung iba??? aaaawww…

    bons: haha, hindi rin.

  24. etchosera says:

    hanapin mo ung 3 nagtago lang un, dba 100 ung birthmarks mo? at nosebleed daw ako, awtz

    bons: salamat po sa pagdalaw dito, bago ka? welcome! etchoserang palaka? lols! happy new year po!

  25. ang sarap balik-balikan ang nakaraan….kasi naman, it does not only bring back memories..higit sa lahat, malalaman mo kung you have grown enough from past experiences…
    pareng bon..salamat sa 2009, kahit dito lang tayo nagkakilala….salamat din sa iyo….

    bons: oo nga pareng blu! yun nga at it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
    maraming salamat po sa pagbisita dito kahit busy ka palagi! ^^ HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  26. jason says:


    ang ham ay hindi gawa sa hamster
    kaya wag kang makulet bon
    kung gusto mong ikaw gawin kong ham!!!


    bons: haha tapang neto! ipapakidnap ko kay pussycat ang hamster mo sa bahay na nasa kulay blue na kulungan! bwahaha!

  27. timangkey says:

    me trivia din ako na hindi ko pa nasama sa listahan ko dun sa blog ko.

    — according to my parents the first word i said when i was a baby was “agtudo”. it means, it will rain/it is raining.

    — also according to my parents, when i was baptized, i cussed at the priest because he poured water on my head.

    bons: huwaw eh ilang taon ka naman nung nagsalita ka! ^^ ako diko na alam anong unang salita na nasabi ko.itatanong ko din yan sa nanay ko sige hehe

  28. theonoski says:

    wow laking fransiscano ka pala!i admire the vow of poverty ng mga franciscans.and my brother is a franciscan seminarian as well kaya i love it hehe.

    bons: mas dobleng wow kasi may kapatid na soon to be franciscan! hindi lang po laking franciscano,. middle name ko “Francisco” din ahaha! pakyawan na ‘to! lols! HAPPY NEW YEAR po!

  29. yhen says:

    hehehe nice trivias you got there kuya…

    dami mo birthmarks ha… dka talaga mawawala… hehe…

    at ang lalim ng pang sampu ha… hehe

    pinewyear kuya boni…

    bons: salamat po yhen. todo party mo nung holiday season ah, artistang artista dating haha! pinyuyir din!!

  30. tumaba ka ata kuya?! hehe..hows your holiday?

    Happier New Year!

    bons: awwts! nag gain nga pero kunti lang hehe. ^^ Happiest New Year!

  31. teentoinks says:

    Ten Trivia about BON (Teentoinks Version)

    1.He cares DRASTICALLY!- He’s not a kind of man who will treat you like a Queen but never ruin your life, if he does definitely just for the good cause!

    2. He loves SENTI(s) but believes that life is indeed wonderful!

    3. He have this kind of 90/10 Principle. – 90% of life is based on how he react and 10 percent is accidental!

    4. A good listener and adviser. A Friend!

    5. He’ll appreciate you even the smallest thing you did for him.

    6. Technology: Limitless ideas. Don’t be surprised if he thinks pig can fly.

    7.He used to keep McDo/Greenwich/Jollibee(etc.) receipt after writing details on it, like occassions!

    8. NO PATIENCE especially for ignorance! (haha.. don’t complain!)

    9. Don’t be alarmed if you pay the bills (KURIPOT! Newei, not all the time!)

    10. He thinks that the hardest thing to pack is a hamster. (Rex is that you?)

    10.Favorite address(site) is Hotel CaliPORNia and do the caliPORNication! hehe

    10. He will find reasons in every actions he made. (just make sure, you’re loaded and ready for debate) hehe

    Ends here… I KNOW HOW TO COUNT! hehe

    bons: haha, tawa ko ng tawa, bawat number na basahin ko, tatawa ako. taragis! oo sige hindi ko pwedeng itanggi lahat! (*with matching namumula ang pisngi lols) pig can fly wahah sus! yung #7 dati na yun hindi na ngayun kasi thermal paper nalang gamit at madali na mawala ung sulat^^ ang daming number 10 haha. anyway, salamats sa pag dagdag ng mga yan.hayss kelan ko ba mabubura sa isip mo ung pangalawang number10 goodboy nako sabi e, gusto ko nalang mga hotel hihi (beh!)

    serious mode: natuwa ako sa mga sinabi mo kasi nagreflect lang dun na kahit pilyo ako palagi akong may pang bawi. kahit na magulo ako at kakaiba sa lahat mayron padin pala akong sariling style.^^ tins salamats!

    Happy New Year!

  32. Salamat sa pag-share…gusto ko ang sinabi mo na ito:

    —we should never stop learning, be open for changes, be ready for something new and not be afraid to experience failures.

    Nasa college na rin ako nung nakarating sa pangarap kong Baguio City.

    High school— catholic school din

    At sama rin ako sa sinabi mo:

    —we should make life easy, we can always be happy if we want to be.

    Sana makasulat din ako ng ganito. Salamat for sharing.

    bons: salamat po sa pag comment, at nakakatuwa kasi mukhang na iinspire kayo.. ^^

  33. siyetehan says:

    “we should never stop learning, be open for changes, be ready for something new and not be afraid to experience failures”

    very well said.

    in fact, ika nga nila eh, you only stop learning when you’re dead.

    bons: salamat po sa pagbisita! ^^

  34. lambing says:

    nice trivia sir boni…

    trully happiness is contagious

    made me smile ;)

    happy new year :)

    bons: awwts! sir boni talaga haha! thanks po at napa smile ka sa trivia =)

  35. happy new year bon! natawa naman ako sa solar eclipse na yan! hehehe. isa din kasi ako sa mga nagtatakbo sa bahay namin. takot daw maabutan ng dilim. LOL

    Stay happy. Godbless. :)

    bons: ay ikaw din pala takot sa eclipse dati? haha! weird no!? iba talaga pag wala pang muwang! lols! may mga kinatatakutan pa, eh ngayon ba?! nakoww! nakarating nga tayo ng middle east diba haha.. eclipse, eclipse wala yun! ^^

  36. kaye says:


    immaculate mother to you do we plead
    to ask God our father for help in our needs…ave, ave, ave maria…

    alam mo pa ba ang tono? hehehe. every wednesday sa office namin may novena to the mother of perpetual help at followed by the Mass. :-)

    pano mo naman nabilang ang birthmarks mo? ang galing ah!

    kakainis ang mga dagang yan. salbahe. at alala ko din ang solar eclipse at ang pail of water. hahaaha!

    nice to know you better, bons!

    bons: haha ay kinantat ko pa habang binabasa ang comment mo at alam ko pa ang tono. ^^ galing naman, every wednesday may novena at mass, iba padin kasi pag sa work environment may ganyan, parang napaka ayos at ng lahat.. HAPPY NEW YEAR po!

  37. bongkito says:

    Hey Bons! Kakatuwa naman at a little of you (little nga ba? hehehe) is again revealed. ‘Twas nice knowing about you more and see how things may have been similar when I was also growing up.

    frequent visitor rin ako sa manghihilot noon. meron pa nga ako napuntahan na needles na ginagamit (di to albularyo a hehehe!) tapos kakabit nya sa isang aparato para tumakbo ang electric current sa area na masakit. masarap yung current and i get to keep the needles. pero di pa rin ako gumaling.

    ako mantakin mo nagtatrabaho nako nung unang beses ako nakatungtong ng Baguio. kaya hapi-hapi ko. lamig pa nung first time ko kaya pausok kunwari mala-Winter breathing. heheheh!

    at tama ka! mas simpleng babae mas ma-appreciate mo what you have. that’s one of the best reasons why Kaye is now with me. Simple but has a lot more in store in the long run!

    Happy New Year! And cheers for you d’yan! Ingat lagi!

    bons: awwts! talagang magkasunod lang kau sa comment. ^^ para ok yung sa karayom na yun ah.. pero takot din ako sa karayom. 1st time ko na dextrose at natusukan ng karayom. 26 years old nako,nung nadengue. sarap sa baguio. nung punta namin dun college ako at school field trip pa haha. =). simple pero complete! ganun sana para lang sabi mo kay kaye, penge “centrum” hehe. thanks po uli! happy new year!

  38. donster says:

    Very interesting naman!!! hahaha i enjoyed ur blog..

    bons: donster, salamat s apag bisita!

  39. jason says:


    patambay muna dito ha…

    teka ano yun!!

    tignan mo yun o!!


    nagulat ka! aminin mo?

    bons: kuleeeeet!!

  40. polaber says:

    bat nman kailangang pagkakitaan p yung tungkol s birthmark?? d nman ako nagpabayad nung binilang ko yan ahhh!!! hmmffff!!!!


    happy new year!!!

    bons: haha patay tayo dyan! ^^ salamat sa pagbisita! happy new year din!!

  41. Nebz says:

    This is cool. Tawa ako nang tawa. You’re one cool dude.

    Maiba tayo: (Just this morning, I found out that you’re an officemate of Jillaine — baka mali spelling ng pangalan nya, wag mo na sabihin. And then I realized that we all are indeed separated by small degrees — that somewhere, someone you know knows someone I know somewhere. Parang ganun!)

    (And Tophe too — I think he placed 6th in PEBA — is also a friend of my friend’s friend!).

    Kapag nagkaroon ng EB ang Alkhobar bloggers, can you meet with us? We’re planning kasi to get some trainings on how to earn from blogging. The tutor is also a WordPress blogger from Alkhobar who happens to be earning a looooot (I mean lot, not loot) and who wishes to share her secrets with us. Don’t get too excited. She’s married and her husband is also a fellow blogger. Hehe.

    bons: salamat po sa pagbisitan dito. karangalan po ng bonistation ang maging bisita ang PEBA 2009 Awardee.
    maliit lang talaga ang mundo, parang tulad halimbawa ng: “nahahati lang ito sa dalawang bahagi, ang wordpress at ang blogspot.” (ahaha) tama po kayo nandito lang ako sa paligid ligid.. at malamang nagkakasalabong lang tayo sa Al-Ramaniya.^^ salamat po uli at congrats sa PEBA award.

  42. wesarimo says:

    kaw ba si bob ong? mahilig din bumili yun ng mga bibe’ng kinulayan. bakit bonistaion? may MRT kang sarili?

    bons: bago ka dito ah, welcome! oo at ang hilig na kulay ni bob ong, pink! lols!

  43. dhyoy says:

    hmmmm… sumilip lang, naghahanap ng bago :lol:

  44. dencios says:

    kung 19 years old ka nakapaunta ng baguio, ako naman, sa lugar na iyan ang una kong karanasan. LOL. kung anong karanasan yun, secret na lang. haha

    have a blast this 2010

    bons: haha unang karanasan sa mataas na lugar!~ (yaan na lang nating ganyan, maraming batang mambabasa pareng denz hehe!) salamat sa pagbisita!

  45. J.Kulisap says:

    Recommended from Heaven’s angel, Padre Fiel.

    Who did the counting of your birthmark?

    Hi there.

    bons: salamat po sa pagbisita! welcome!

  46. tsenn` says:

    curious akong malaman kung sino nagbilang nung 97 birthmarks?! hehe :)

    kahit pareho po tayong coe (although engineer na po kayo), wala akong drive na meron kayo dun sa number 5. i dunno. hindi ko rin maimagine ang sarili ko na makapagbenta ng software. haha wasak. time is ticking. aww

    bons: awwts! kaya mo yan! isa kang alagad ng impormasyon at teknolohiya! may dugong IT hahaha. goodluck! tik tak tik tak!

  47. Douglas says:

    batchmate ata tayo. lol

    naalala ko yung solar eclipse, 1995 mga bandang lunch yun.

    bons: wag mong sabihing takot kadin!! uy blogspoter, hehe welcome to wordpress!!
    salamat sa pagbisita

  48. slaveboi says:

    really fun to read. :)

    i hope you don’t mind that i linked your blog to mine.

    bons: thanks! add me up! no worries!!

  49. Mga Epal says:

    Sa binasa namin ang tumatak sa utak namin ay “binilang nya ang birthmark nya???” at “taong birthmark ‘to ah!”

    salamat sa oras na itinabmay namin dito.
    hanggang sa susunod na daan namin.

    bons: salamat po mga epal. talagang “namin” ang term mo at paninidigan ang “mga” hehe. balik lang po uli kayo enitaym!

  50. voodooboxer says:

    nawendang ako sa number 10 ;) hahahaha

    bons: haha. pag about dyan kadaming windangs hahasyt! ^^ salamat po sa pagbisita!

  51. lovely says:

    makagawa nga rin ng trivia kuya hehe..
    napadaan ngayon lang naka bloghop ulit..
    you have a wonderful smile sa pag pasok ng taon..
    more blessings kuya..
    ingats lage..
    god bless..

    bons: so lovely! ^^ God Bless you too!

  52. Roger says:

    tagal ng next post! haha :D :D :D

    bons: haha. maghintay!

  53. taga-bundok says:

    I always try to make my life simple as it is, masarap mabuhay ng super light, and I tell you, it’s very easy. As what I’ve written in my previous post, we should make life easy, we can always be happy if we want to be.

    oO nga naman… kadalasan pinapakumplikado lang… haha! dami trivia ngayong 2010 ah… haha, makasaunod na mga rin sa mga susunod na araw!

    Magandang Hapon Kuya Boni!

    bons: salamat po sa pagbisita!

  54. Mon says:

    nice trivia about you dude.
    so how’s ur new year so far?
    i hope it’s been great!
    rock on!!

    bons: thanks mon, rock on!

  55. Lionheart says:


    Taga Boni rin ako… Haha!

    Nice trivia naman about yourself… First time ko sa blog mo!

    bons: welcome po dito! salamat sa pagdalaw! taga boni ka pala hehe saan dun! ^^

  56. tsiremo says:

    ANo ba yan walang update lol..haha kala mo busy pero busy. :D bonbon idol musta ka na ba? ha?

    bons: haha update! update! wala pa maisip na topic e

  57. Nashyboy says:

    that was alot! 97 birthmarks? for real?

    bons: yeah! for real!

  58. pruelpo says:

    congrats Igan. galing n’yo!

    bons: haha saan po!? ^^

  59. saang parte ng katawan mo ang may pinakamaraming birthmarks? hihi

    bons: ahaha sa dibdib po! hehe! =)

  60. Roger says:

    pag nasa Pilipinas ka, daan ka ng arvisu house (alam mo to diba?)! andun si Roger palagi! haha. :D :D :D

    bons: heheh sige ka roger!

  61. aLps says:

    97 birthmarks? Oh my, you counted ’em? :o

    bons: lols!

  62. blakenwayt says:

    1. ako rin eh! akala ko totoo ang superman kaya sabi ko praktis praktis lang siguro to.. hanggang sa sumuko na ako kasi nakakapagod na rin ang pagtalon mula sa upuan at sabay itataas ang kamay na parang superman! hakhak!

    2. naalala ko pinsan ko dito eh… umiyak iyak pa talaga siya kasi kinain ng aso yung kaisa-isang itik niya. kaya hayun.. binilhan siya ng tatay niya ng napakaraming itik!

    3. hindi ko pa nakikita ang solar/lunar eclipse…

    4. takte? di nga? nabilang mo? kadami nun!
    9. galing din ako sa catholic school at grabe lang talaga dahil lahat lahat ng dasal pinapamemorize! kapoi!

    bons: haha salamat po sa pagdalaw blakenwayt! ^^ mura lang dati ang itik nasa 3pesos lang yata pero mahirap ng bilhin un hehe at syempre iba ang feeling pag naisahan ka at nawala ung pet mo.. supeeerrrman sabay talon mula sa kahit anong mataas na lugar.. ang mga bata nga naman, sarap ding bumalik sa pagkabata nakakamis. salamt po uli ha! balik ka

  63. jongskie721 says:

    10. i fell in love so many times with different women, with different looks, attitudes and styles. but i always turn back to what i really want. – simpleness, having the ability to make me smile, to make me feel comfortable, and having the quality (unconditional) care and love we need.–>USO pa pala ito sa mga lalaki ngayon? akala ko kasi gusto nila ang BELO BEAUTY dahil sa maraming babae ang nagsusumikap na mag-ipon upang makapagpa-belo. hmmmm

  64. jongskie721 says:

    4. i have a total of 97 birthmarks all over my body. gees! –>aba,aba,aba, mapa ba ng buong mundo eh makikita sa katawan mo? hehehe

  65. carizza says:

    Hehe, you’re too trivial… and too cute. :)

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