filipino, since birth!

January 23, 2010

it always gives me a good feeling to know that i am a filipino.

looking back, i spent my elementary days in a public school, regulated by the philippines’ department of education culture and sports (yeah, for the youngsters, it was DECS before, and i think prior to that, it was MECS – during Marcos regime, and now it’s DepEd).  after all these years, it feels good to recall and be thankful for the free education provided by our government, which we still get up to now.  and i still remember the free buns (nutribun) provided to us as well as the free feeding programs of the school canteen nationwide.

“ a system of free and compulsory elementary education was established by the malolos constitution. while republic act no.6655 refers to the act that shall be known as the “Free Public Secondary Education Act of 1988”. making higher education accesible in the philippines is also mandated by the philippine constitution. “

it’s really nice to know that though our country is not as rich as others, we do have this kind of system that provides free education for all citizens.

in terms of health, yeah, though we don’t have a comprehensive health care programs for every filipino, luckily we do have government hospitals and health care centers that provide basic medical needs, and yes, i even got my free circumcision from a health center doctor during a summer program “oplan tuli”. i also do remember my first tooth extraction was done in our rural health center by a government doctor, who had been my first dentist.  and my mom was a barangay health worker then, trained by health officials to help render basic medical services in the community. see? isn’t good to know that our government really cares for us?

born in nueva ecija, i’ve also seen some innovations on farming being introduced by various government agencies. several research facilities were launched and installed all over the philippines to ensure continuous improvements of farming industry. little that we know, there are also government- mandated agencies that help empower the rural finance sector and promote sustainable and effective delivery of financial services to the countryside.

the philippines is one of the countries that is frequently visited by typhoons and sometimes even battered by super typhoons. we have our own national astronomical and geophysical services, we have the national disaster coordinating council, the department of social welfare, the national red cross, local governments and other NGOs, natural disasters are inevitable and sometimes devastating but we are lucky enough that we have these bunches of agencies that can stand with us before and after each calamity.  of course we have the DOLE, POEA, and OWWA that protect the welfare of us-OFWs.

needless to list down everything what the philippine government is doing to its people, what i’ve mentioned were just a small part of its services given to us, filipinos, and i personally believe that the government is still for us all. though it’s very obvious that we are now faced with numerous problems (corruption, insurgency, crimes, etc.), i say that we can still make this nation a better place to live in.  we can move and work hand-in-hand (hawak-kamay lang haha), we start within ourselves, within our home, within the community we are involved in, and then we hope for change, a change that will bring more hope and courage to build a better self, a better home, a better community and sooner a better philippines.  it takes time though, but we start now, it’s never too late. visualize. work but no room for complaints. it’s time to start doing…




2010: ten-trivia about bons

January 1, 2010


1. when i was 8, i fell from a cradle at a friend’s house, and my left arm was almost broken, fortunately it was just a simple sprain and the only remedy was to bring me to my lola who happened to be a “manghihilot”.  It was really a very painful experience and i could still even remember how loud i cried then.  That was the first time i realized, am not really a superman.

2. i used to buy baby ducks (itik) in schools way back elementary days; making them as pets, one morning i found 3 of them headless ambushed and eaten by rats! awwts! i wondered why they only took their head, then it turned out that the suspects (hehe) were on a hurry performing the gruesome acts, they just took what they could easily get and cut off. i first experienced the feeling of loosing something.   this is so important to me, realizing that no matter how careful we are, things will not always work on the way we wanted them to be. and right then,  i became more prepared..i learned from it, i grew.

3. funny that am afraid of solar/lunar eclipse. i remember when i was in grade 2, i  almost run, was on a hurry going home before noon because at school, all were busy watching the reflection of a solar eclipse in a pale of water. I thought darkness would spoil the day and i need to go home as fast as i could. whew! nature has its own way of scaring me!

4. i have a total of 97 birthmarks all over my body. gees!  

5. i literally thought that computer systems were really that smart, that it could answer anything you wanted to know. ’til on July 1994 we’ve finally met face to face. Frustrating lol! From then on, i dreamed of writing computer programs, games, and to standout alongside with the machines.. in 1998 after series of bugdowns, i successfully completed my first ever program codes and sold it for 15k, yeah! i bought my first “sms-enabled” motorola phone. i learned that as an individual we should never stop learning, be open for changes, be ready for something new and not be afraid to experience failures.

6. every summer,  I get excited. our family used to go to Pangasinan beaches after visiting Manaoag Church. It was a fully-packed family and relatives outing, not to mention the sunburns (haha) i really didn’t care though, life was so simple during those days. we didn’t have the luxuries of foods and things but we’re all happy then, I was happy, mom, kuya, my ates were all happy…those memories I had will always be treasured.  

7. i was already 19 years old when i first reached baguio city. the first farthest place I’ve ever traveled. now I’m 4,900 miles away from home. sometimes i feel so sad about it, the feeling of homesickness brings me down. but that’s normal. i am brave, am confident and am happy. technology bridges the gap. nothing is inevitable in today’s world.

8. in 1999, i wrote Penny J. Corbett, an aviculturist in Pittsburgh; asking some information about my research on philippine blue-naped parrots. she replied and it was really surprising. it made me think that whoever we are, whatever we are up to, we should give time to others. we never know that maybe… just maybe, we could be an inspiration to others.

9. enrolled in a catholic high school managed by franciscan sisters, i learned every single detail of prayers and songs in MPH novena; we used to read them in a booklet for 4 years every wednesday of the week. i learned to be firm on my belief and faith. when all fails, prayers do really count!

10. i fell in love so many times with different women, with different looks, attitudes and styles. but i always turn back to what i really want. – simpleness, having the ability to make me smile, to make me feel comfortable, and having the quality (unconditional) care and love we need.


Now you can judge me!  Haha.. You may find some of these funny, yes they may be, but these funny things completed me, made me a REAL Bon.  And I’m so happy to share these kinda “confidential” trivia (haha) for you to really know me, every single detail of me, even up to the number of birthmarks I have (this is funny, and I know now you’re wondering who did the counting – that remains a secret unless someone pays me a hundred bucks, haha). Kidding aside, this is me, a simple BON, a happy BON.  I always try to make my life simple as it is, masarap mabuhay ng super light, and I tell you, it’s very easy.  As what I’ve written in my previous post, we should make life easy, we can always be happy if we want to be.

And as a start of 2010, I made this post to start my year happy, and to share with you a big smile, because I believe that happiness is contagious.  Let’s all welcome the start of 2010 with a big smile, a big smile in our heart.




salamat po

November 9, 2009

maraming salamat po sa mga bumubuo ng Pinoy Expats Blog Awards (PEBA 2009) sa pagkakataong ibinigay na makabilang ang “bonistation” bilang isa sa mga kalahok.

nasa ABS-CBNnews online kami! yieee!!


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 salamat din po sa ABS-CBN. at sa lahat ng mga bumoto hindi lang sa akin pati nadin sa dalawa ko pang kasama sa wordpress “topexpress at flamindevil”   =)


ako ba yun!?

November 3, 2009

nakakatense naman talaga ang nakita ko sa sementeryo nung nov. 1, first time ko ang okasyong ganito sa pilipinas after 2years pag aabroad. at finally nadalaw ko si BON Sr. sa araw mismo ng undas.


nakakatense yung pangalan! =)


sabi ko nga sa kapatid ko parang nakita ko nadin tuloy ang pangalan ko sa lapida at ganyan din ang siguradong nakasulat pag wala nako (awwww!).


Eternal Rest grant unto them,
O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May they rest in peace.



bag ko ‘to

August 13, 2009

na tag ako ni livingstain tungkol dito na nagsimula naman kay machongbutiki. nung una ko to mabasa kay mb, natawa ako kasi para lang artista sa SNN with Boy and Kris at nakita ko to minsan ng mag feature sila ng mga celebrity  ^^ Read the rest of this entry »

saludo ako sa ‘yo

August 7, 2009


 (Official Entry to the Pinoy Expat Blogger Awards 2009)


two  years and 3 months na pala ako dito sa saudi. ang bilis! nakapagbakasyon nadin ako ng dalawang beses. masarap talagang umuwi lalo na pag first time, nandun yung kasabikan sa mga mahal mo sa buhay!

‘di naman talaga biro ang mag abroad at wala din namang nagsabing madali ito, naalala ko pa yung unang text ni basti ‘tol may hiring kami dito, email mo sakin resume mo.. nasa side strip kami non medyo gabi na sa pilipinas kasi naman 5 hours ang time difference, sa kagustuhang kong malinawan yung mga details tawag ako agad kahit overseas yon, yun pa yata ang unang beses kong nag call sa kanya sa saudi.

kinabukasan, ayos agad ako ng resume ko update at scan ng mga iba pang kailangan at send.. marami pangyayari at hindi rin naman naging mabilis at madali ang pag ayos at paghintay.. hanggang sa na approved at makarating na nga ako dito. welcome kingdom of saudi arabia.

hindi ko din naisip na sa dami ng bansa dito ako mapupunta. pero pamilyar na sa akin ang bansang ‘to sa loob ng labing dalawang taon. 6 years old palang yata ako nung magpunta ‘yung tatay ko dito. ang layo ng saudi nun, sobrang layo dahil sa kalayuan isang beses lang sa loob ng dalawang taon namin sya pwedeng makasama. wala yata akong matandaan na nabuo ang pamilya namin tuwing pasko, palaging may kulang, palaging may bakanteng upuan. nakita ko na yata ang lahat ng klaseng pagsasakripisyo ng nanay para mapunan ang lahat ng pangungulila naming magkakapatid sa isang amang nasa ibang bansa.

hindi ko padin dati maintindihan ‘nun bakit ba kasi kailangan pang ganun pwede naman hindi mag abroad, pwede namang sa pilipinas lang. pero uso kasi yata nun ‘yon marami din naman akong mga kaibigan at ka klase noon na nasa abroad din ang mga tatay nila..

‘diko makalimutan yung isang christmas card “for my terrific son” , isa na yata yun sa pinakamagandang card na natanggap ko galing sa tatay ko.. masarap kasi talaga yung pakiramdam na proud sayo yung magulang mo.. kaloko ko nga nun parang hindi ko lang iniintindi yung mga kwento nya sakin dati kung ano hitsura dito sa saudi.. ngayon alam na alam ko na..

I missed those days, your stories, the miles you drove, the adventures you took.. i never imagined nor even expected that I will be here, almost in the same place where you used to work..

minsan gusto ko magkwento, gusto kong makipagbidahan sayo kasi yung mga nakikita ko sa pictures mo dati, ngayon napupuntahan ko nadin, yung mga streets at stores na dinadaanan mo…

ayoko naman talaga dating mag abroad, kasi hindi ko din naman pinangarap na umalis ng pilipinas. kontento nadin kasi ako kung anong meron.. pero dumarating ang pagkakataon at oportunidad na kailangan nating kuhanin at subukan. eto na, bon jr. sa saudi. sayang nga lang talaga at hindi kami nag abot ng tatay ko dito. edi sana dalawa kaming blogger ngayon. taragis!

sa pagpunta ko dito, isa lang ang napatunayan at naunawaan ko ; hindi biro ang sakripisyong ginagawa ng mga taong lumalayo sa pamilya upang magtrabaho alang alang sa magandang kinabukasan ng kanyang mga mahal sa buhay.

saludo ako sa ’yo Bon Sr.



Bonifacio F. Talampas, Jr.
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia