Being Happy

December 15, 2009


am i happy? a simple question yet with tons of varied answers.
Being happy is something that everybody strives for, others have thought that being happy means being a good person or being able to live a good life.  And for me, being a happy person is as simple as being simple, contented, true to myself as well as to all the people around me.

but what makes me happy? is there a way or even more than one way to measure happiness?  Yes, I am happy, I’m a happy person and for me happiness means:

Being quiet in prayer for 10 minutes each morning, meditating.
Living each day with a simple, worry-free life.
Spending quality time with family and loved ones.
Calling up or texting mom and telling that I miss her.
Waking up with a SMILE.
Laughing with friends.
Crying sometimes.
Sharing stories with friends.
Accepting emotions — acknowledging emotions of others, positive or negative, including frustration, sadness and disappointment, helps us to create a more realistic view and allows us to gain a better perspective about life. But accepting feelings and emotions doesn’t mean we should always act on them.  We must always take a minute to cool down or pause before we act or give feedback.
Doing some workouts at the gym or inside the room.
Giving a glass of water to the postman and garbage collector.
Reading a good book.
Listening to Daughtry.
Taking a quiet walk with a loved one while holding hands.
Watching PBB and TV Patrol.
Chatting with family and friends.
Having pets, cleaning the aquarium – Having a pair of love birds or various kinds of fish in an aquarium can also help alleviate loneliness and boredom.
Cooking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Blogging of course, responding to comments, giving constructive feedbacks.
Malling. (i just came from Al Rashed)
Watching classic movies.
Collecting caps, various items associated with BATMAN.
Making popcorn.
Sharing problems. Resolving problems.
Sending birthday greetings to loved ones and friends.
And ofcourse, playing warcraft-DOTA.

Being happy is being contented.  We should focus on what we have, not on what we don’t have.  Bacause satisfaction doesn’t come from getting what we want, but wanting what we already have.

Being happy is being simple. Happiness doesn’t come from material things –luxurious cars, clothes, i-phone, cash – happiness is found within. But how can we find it if we don’t have the simplicity of time and space to discover the most important things in life?  How can we reach the depths of our soul if we are too busy impressing others?  I believe that we should possess the simplicity of time and space to embrace what is important to us.  Along the way, we will discover that the most important things in life are not the things but the persons who have become part of our life.  We have our family and friends around us, and with them, we should be complete and be happy.  Above all, we must be happy for He is always up there looking upon us, protecting and taking care of us.

Being happy is being BON – being simple, being true and being contented.

Be happy always . Wishing you all a very HAPPY Christmas!



April 18, 2009

naagaw lang ang pansin ko ng isang contact list sa ym, napagisip tuloy ako ng simpleng ym-status na ‘to..



ordinaryo, halos lahat nga tayo alam natin yan, pero minsan pala sa mga panahong wala kang magawa at malaya ang isip mo sa pagmumuni muni, dun mo mas mabibigyan ng halaga at pagkakataon ang mga simpleng aral ng buhay..


..imperfection is hapiness.