2010: ten-trivia about bons

January 1, 2010


1. when i was 8, i fell from a cradle at a friend’s house, and my left arm was almost broken, fortunately it was just a simple sprain and the only remedy was to bring me to my lola who happened to be a “manghihilot”.  It was really a very painful experience and i could still even remember how loud i cried then.  That was the first time i realized, am not really a superman.

2. i used to buy baby ducks (itik) in schools way back elementary days; making them as pets, one morning i found 3 of them headless ambushed and eaten by rats! awwts! i wondered why they only took their head, then it turned out that the suspects (hehe) were on a hurry performing the gruesome acts, they just took what they could easily get and cut off. i first experienced the feeling of loosing something.   this is so important to me, realizing that no matter how careful we are, things will not always work on the way we wanted them to be. and right then,  i became more prepared..i learned from it, i grew.

3. funny that am afraid of solar/lunar eclipse. i remember when i was in grade 2, i  almost run, was on a hurry going home before noon because at school, all were busy watching the reflection of a solar eclipse in a pale of water. I thought darkness would spoil the day and i need to go home as fast as i could. whew! nature has its own way of scaring me!

4. i have a total of 97 birthmarks all over my body. gees!  

5. i literally thought that computer systems were really that smart, that it could answer anything you wanted to know. ’til on July 1994 we’ve finally met face to face. Frustrating lol! From then on, i dreamed of writing computer programs, games, and to standout alongside with the machines.. in 1998 after series of bugdowns, i successfully completed my first ever program codes and sold it for 15k, yeah! i bought my first “sms-enabled” motorola phone. i learned that as an individual we should never stop learning, be open for changes, be ready for something new and not be afraid to experience failures.

6. every summer,  I get excited. our family used to go to Pangasinan beaches after visiting Manaoag Church. It was a fully-packed family and relatives outing, not to mention the sunburns (haha) i really didn’t care though, life was so simple during those days. we didn’t have the luxuries of foods and things but we’re all happy then, I was happy, mom, kuya, my ates were all happy…those memories I had will always be treasured.  

7. i was already 19 years old when i first reached baguio city. the first farthest place I’ve ever traveled. now I’m 4,900 miles away from home. sometimes i feel so sad about it, the feeling of homesickness brings me down. but that’s normal. i am brave, am confident and am happy. technology bridges the gap. nothing is inevitable in today’s world.

8. in 1999, i wrote Penny J. Corbett, an aviculturist in Pittsburgh; asking some information about my research on philippine blue-naped parrots. she replied and it was really surprising. it made me think that whoever we are, whatever we are up to, we should give time to others. we never know that maybe… just maybe, we could be an inspiration to others.

9. enrolled in a catholic high school managed by franciscan sisters, i learned every single detail of prayers and songs in MPH novena; we used to read them in a booklet for 4 years every wednesday of the week. i learned to be firm on my belief and faith. when all fails, prayers do really count!

10. i fell in love so many times with different women, with different looks, attitudes and styles. but i always turn back to what i really want. – simpleness, having the ability to make me smile, to make me feel comfortable, and having the quality (unconditional) care and love we need.


Now you can judge me!  Haha.. You may find some of these funny, yes they may be, but these funny things completed me, made me a REAL Bon.  And I’m so happy to share these kinda “confidential” trivia (haha) for you to really know me, every single detail of me, even up to the number of birthmarks I have (this is funny, and I know now you’re wondering who did the counting – that remains a secret unless someone pays me a hundred bucks, haha). Kidding aside, this is me, a simple BON, a happy BON.  I always try to make my life simple as it is, masarap mabuhay ng super light, and I tell you, it’s very easy.  As what I’ve written in my previous post, we should make life easy, we can always be happy if we want to be.

And as a start of 2010, I made this post to start my year happy, and to share with you a big smile, because I believe that happiness is contagious.  Let’s all welcome the start of 2010 with a big smile, a big smile in our heart.